Some samples of what The Doom Tones look like live!

Finally! The Doom Tones Live and in person. This is what The Doom Tones video looks like in real life projected on actual pumpkins!

The Doom Tones Music is here!

The Projection Animations are completed. We'll have videos posted soon.

In the meantime, hear the songs and check out all the latest videos on our Youtube channel..

The Doom Tones Projections are Nearly Completed!

Just an update, the projection versions of The Doom Tones are nearly completed! The target date is no later than 10/12 but should be sooner. I have made the purchase option available for pre-order.

Get Ready For "The Doom Tones"

The big debut this year! "The Doom Tones", Gutz, Carver and Thirst'n have some great songs coming up and yes, they will be available for your Halloween Haunt!

And here is the song list (you saw it here first)....

Haunted Home Sweet Home
Old Cemetery
Somethin's Gonna Follow You
I want My Mummy
Really Don't Mind at All

Looking forward to an awesome Halloween Season!

It's creeping up fast and this year the Jackie and Gourdie Animation includes the "Peaches" routine which can be previewed on the Hauntline YouTube channel. All six routines ship this year on our own 4gb USB thumb drive!

Boo Ya!