How it works

Our animations are simple to use and if you have a modern projector you are already almost done!

You will need 2 pumpkins for Jackie and Gourdie or 3 Pumpkins for The Doom Tones.

Then you need our Animation Mp4 which can be ordered from this site. It ships on its own unique Thumb Drive. Most current projectors can play straight from the drive itself. If your projector does not have a USB port, you may play the files from a computer or other media player connected to your projector.

Just set your pumpkins in an area where you can place the projector to beam our Jackie and Gourdie or Doom Tones faces on them, set your projector to run the file in loop mode and hit play. You may have to experiment with the distance of the projector and placement of the pumpkins for best results.

Don't forget to take extra precautions to keep your projector running such as making sure it is protected from weather, etc.

For additional effect, design a clever way to disguise the projector like hiding it in the back of a hay bail or cleverly built into a tombstone or if your projector is small enough, it could be hidden inside another pumpkin, now that would be cool!

Be sure to check the Tips and Tricks page to enhance your Digital Live Pumpkin experience!

Good Luck!