Project Tips and Tricks

Some projector info..

Our videos will work in any projector that can play an MP4 file.

We use them with the following projectors.

Windowfx projectors (currently selling at Home Depot, $70 - $130 )
Entry Level, Not bad for the price. Comes with several different Holiday animations to use that are pretty cool. It's a low cost way to get started but for a bit more money you can get serious improvements in video quality and less fan noise. This projector only plays media from flash memory cards and thumb drives.

Aaxa P3-x ($160ish Online)
Impressive and small with several inputs. Good contrast ratio, the image is bright and can be hidden easily. It also has a battery and will run without A/C power for about 90 minutes. It also has an HDMI input. Can occasionally be purchased as a refurb directly from Aaxatech.

The LG Minibeam DLP ($300 Online)
Not quite as small as the P3-x but they work quite well and have multiple input options. Great contrast ratio and brightness, not too noisy and still small enough to hide easily.

About audio: 

The audio from these projectors works and is acceptable for most however, these small projectors do not provide full range stereo audio. The audio on the Jackie and Gourdie file is CD quality stereo sound.

Hooking up and hiding a set of good external amplified speakers in the scene will make the dialogue much more. It's a great trick, or "trick or treat" as they say!

Due to the inherent "latency" of Bluetooth, we can only recommend a Bluetooth speaker if it has an "Aux in" to connect directly the projector via cable.

Good Luck!