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Jackie and Gourdie Audio Compilation

For years we used the audio only files in conjunction with a "sound to light" modulating circuit as a lower budget alternative to the recent video options and it works quite well. For you Haunters who wish to offer Jackie and Gourdie as actual flickering Jack-O-Lanterns with just the Audio Compilation, submit an email for a price quote and information on building or buying an Audio to Light circuit.

Our Return Policy:

We have done our best to test and represent the media. We try our best to provide enough information to make sure you will be happy with your Jackie and Gourdie animations. Please do all you can to be sure you can effectively play them in the equipment you have. Contact us if you have questions.

We cannot be responsible for incompatible/poor or outdated equipment and due to the nature of Digital Media and the ease of duplication, we only offer exchanges and do not accept returns.

With that said, if you are having problems we want you to get your videos up and running as much as you do so if troubles arise contact us through the support link at support@hauntline.com.

Thank you for understanding.